Friday, 16 September 2011

15th Macha Khola to 16th Deng  (2600m)

We started in Machakhola, stopped at the hot springs in Tatopani and stopped on reaching  Jagat
Since Armala the valley was already narrow, but more and more the rocky hill slopes came closer and closer and for the next day we walked in a narrow gorge. And in the morning it took a long time, till the sun reached the bottom. Sometime the trail was in the bottom of the valley but often we had to do a lot of up and down when the path had to go on the steep hill side. Only on a very few places we could see fields or houses. It was like a rain forest area….nature so BEAUTIFUL!!!

We knew just from the word Tatopani, that there must bee a little hotspring in this village but we did not expected such a nice one. Under a huge poinsettia in full blosom a basin with two hot waterspouts ivited us. And after many ascensts in the rainy, sticky weather we urgently needed some good shower. We all queued up for a good clean up session, but after a good spa treatment every one was clean and happy. And even all our dirty clothes were smelling nice again. Not only I enjoyed the shower but so did our Neplai friends. What a wonderfull day. Tatopani is just a village of three houses. Up and down all along the way. Or ukkalo orralo in Nepali language!!! Over a period of time with my close link with Nepali friends I have managed to learn some Nepali language;))

So often, walking along a river and rains pouring on your head,can be very strenuous because the trail will climb most of the time on some steep hill slopes. And we would slip with all our loads on our by the time we reached Jagat we were back dirty as ever. We reached Jagat at 4pm at last!! In Jagat you can find a perfectly paved avenue. Jagat is a small village with maybe 25 houses. You can find just a shop.
Had our usual dal bhat….also managed to charge my sat-phone…and spoke to my worried MOM!!! My phone battery had got discharged because cud not get electricity in any of the villages. Here got my phone charged on a small battery in the lodge/house…I keep saying house because I refuse to call it a lodge..its so homely and far away from being a lodge.

16th Sept:  Jagat to Deng
On this day we started Jagat and a
fter crossing river, we had to climb many meters in the rain till we reached Philim . We continued in the afternoon on a trail through a dens forest. The trail continued through the narrow gorge. Slowly we also had the feeling of gaining height. We than stopped  for lunch in  Pewa… Crossed Nye…In the early afternoon we continued our trek crossed Ngyak and reached Deng(2600m) at 3:45pm!!!!! Indeed a very long Trek……..we have gained height and distance today… need to have gud rest…but called MOM before she presses panic button!!! Now time to unwind and eat….had tea and the Tibiten bread.
Ok guys I don’t feel like writing any more…..just want to rest bye for now…CHEER!!

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